The Android phone, a cheaper and better alternative to the iPhone, is winning the smartphone war. Android market share grew from 15% to 85% in the past 10 years. As the smartphone market matures, there still exists a clear digital divide. In many developed countries, smartphone penetration can reach 60% to 80% but in most developing countries, it is only 30% to 50%. It is obvious that the smartphone price plays an important role in the digital divide. Smartphones are not very affordable for the next 2 billion users, while very low-end smartphones are barely usable due to very limited hardware capability.

Puffin took the challenge to make $50 smartphones “truly useful”, and therefore, developed the Puffin OS. We believe “cloud computing” is the silver bullet to make smartphones both low-cost and high-performance. We call it “Smartphone 2.0” to distinguish the old-school thinking of “Smartphone 1.0”. If the $2,000 folding-screen is the hottest feature of Smartphone 1.0 this year, it is beyond doubt that Smartphone 1.0 is near the end of the road.

The Puffin OS proof-of-concept is based on the Nokia 1, which is available at $60 on Amazon. We replaced the Android OS on the Nokia 1 with the Puffin OS to make the Nokia 1 much more powerful and attractive to the consumers. Stay tuned for more details of the Puffin OS.

CloudMosa’s mission is to empower the world’s phones through cloud computing and make them universally powerful and useful.