What’s your Puffin Personality?

While each and every one of us is special in our own way, there are also commonalities that unite us all. In fact it’s that exact mindset that makes personality quizzes so popular. Vox described it best, “Human brains are wired for tribalism. Personality quizzes help satisfy that impulse.” We all feel the desire to find where we belong; discover who amongst the crowd is just like us. We at CloudMosa, Inc. love our Puffin Browser community and want them to find the similarities and connections between fellow community members.

We believe that there is a little puffin inside each and every one of us — and we invite you to find out what kind of puffin tribe you belong to. Some puffins are sportier than others and find themselves competing whenever possible. There are other puffins that are down-right obsessed with technology and can’t get enough of the latest trends. Then there are zen puffins who never miss their yoga and meditation. Don’t think that we forgot about our food puffins we love their master-chef skills as much as the rest.

If you’d like to find your puffin tribe check out our new quiz and let us and your fellow puffins know what you got in the comments below!

CloudMosa’s mission is to empower the world’s phones through cloud computing and make them universally powerful and useful.

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