Read the Latest News on Puffin Newsfeed!

In the past, most would go through Google, Yahoo, Reddit, or other platforms for news content. Now, there is a new alternative for Puffin users!

Puffin Newsfeed delivers popular and breaking news to Puffin Browser’s homepage without learning users’ preferences. This helps provide international news from a variety of sources.

Puffin Newsfeed supports up to 18 different languages.

Instructions for using Puffin Newsfeed:

  1. Download Puffin Browser.
    Google Play Store:
    Apple App Store:
  2. Open Puffin Browser and you will see Puffin Newsfeed on the bottom half of the app.

3. If you wish to view the newsfeed on the entire screen, head to the menu sidebar on the right and click “Newsfeed”!