Puffin Web Browser Expands to Windows Desktop

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2 min readNov 16, 2017


The desktop browser market is full of claims about top performance and battery life, but even the most advanced desktop computer can’t match the processing power of an entire server room. Which is why, we’ve added Windows desktop compatibility for Puffin Web Browser. Aptly named, Puffin on Windows offers users the same wicked-fast speed and security celebrated in its mobile version.

The Puffin browser gets its speed by moving all of its processing off the user’s device and onto powerful remote data centers, accessed through the cloud. By leveraging the cloud, Puffin requires less of the computer’s processing and memory resources, like RAM, CPU and battery life.

Here’s how it works. When a user clicks a link via the Puffin browser, the request will first be sent to Puffin’s remote servers. That server will collect the information to fulfill the request in milliseconds, preload all of the content and then mirror the resulting web page on the user’s device.

Since none of this data is transferred through the users’ actual devices, Puffin is able to provide the most secure browsing experience. In fact, Puffin Web Browser has never been data breached, since even the remote servers don’t store data or memory, which is what hackers are after.

Puffin on Windows will include all the browsing features that mobile Puffin users have come to love. On top of the page load and rendering speed, Puffin on Windows will offer users Adobe Flash support, downloads to the cloud (up to 1G per file), the fastest JavaScript engine available, incognito mode for browsing, and more.

Puffin’s speed and security are unparalleled, and we’re confident desktop users will see the benefits.

If you’re ready to see how Puffin changes the game for desktop browsing, check out Puffin on Windows here: https://www.puffinbrowser.com/windows/.

Shioupyn Shen
President & CEO



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