Puffin for Human Rights

Photo by Christian Lue

Over the course of history, people around the world have been subjected to restrictions, threats, persecution, and other violations of human rights by governments or extremist groups.

We at Puffin believe that every person should be granted the rights to not only internet access but full access to any websites as they please without limitations of any kind. People should not live in fear by constraints, attacks, or worse.

If they are under such conditions, they deserve to be able to have their voices heard. Their experiences should be made known. The actions of the oppressors to be brought to light. The atrocities committed to be condemned, the victims helped, and the martyrs honored.

No matter where you are, who your persecutors are, and what you stand for, on the frontlines or from online, we stand with you. With Puffin Incognito Browser, your privacy is protected, and safety guaranteed. No tracking, no tracing, no geolocation. Your browsing is for your eyes only.

Puffin Incognito Browser is now launched on Google Play:



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