Puffin Cloud Isolation: Shared Computer Mode

Surfing the web and sound is like a jungle out there. You never know when trouble will occur. So please take Puffin Cloud Isolation with you, no matter where you go. Today, CloudMosa would like to share how to use Puffin Cloud Isolation to protect users’ data and privacy while browsing the Internet using public Wi-Fi or a shared computer.

Puffin Cloud Isolation is designed to secure users’ web browsing anytime, anywhere on any computer. Even if they are not on their own computer or on their own network. We designed the shared-computer-mode for Puffin Cloud Isolation to protect users’ privacy while using an untrusted computer or an unfamiliar network.

When users go to https://i.puffin.com/ for the first time on a new web browser. It will pop up a dialog box to let users log in with their email address. If users are using a shared computer or a public wireless network, be sure to select “This is a shared computer” checkbox before clicking “Request Activation Code”. This will ensure that Puffin Cloud Isolation functions in the shared-computer-mode on this computer.

In the shared-computer-mode, Puffin Cloud Isolation will auto log out of users’ session if they are idle for over 3 minutes. Users also can log out manually by right-clicking on the web page and select “Logout” in the pop-up menu. When users are doing web isolation with Puffin Cloud Isolation, it keeps their data (including browser cookies and local storage data, etc) on the cloud but not on the local computer. So that nobody can steal their data. Besides that, in shared-computer-mode, Puffin Cloud Isolation uses a special one-time credential for users. Even if there is a hacker who recorded everything Puffin Cloud Isolation sends to users on the shared computer, or on the public Wi-Fi network. They cannot use this data to log in to users’ accounts and fake their identity because of the one-time credential method that cannot be used twice.

Puffin Cloud Isolation and the cloud “Avatar” behind it, not only can protect users from malicious websites that try to hack into their computer via web browser vulnerabilities but can also secure their personal information when they are browsing the Internet in a non-secure environment like when using shared computers or utilizing public Wi-Fi networks.

If users are paranoid about online security or just security-conscious, then Puffin Cloud Isolation is a great tool for them to protect themselves. Next time users are traveling or accessing the Internet from somewhere other than their own computer or trusted network; then we recommend them immediately go to https://i.puffin.com/. Let Puffin Cloud Isolation hide their identity and protect their personal information as well as their online presence. Don’t allow bad people to get a chance to steal data.

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