Puffin Cloud Isolation: Extension for your convenience

The Puffin Cloud Isolation extension is an assistant tool to support users’ daily internet activities. Users can install it from the Chrome Web Store for Chrome Browser and Edge Browser. (Link)

After installing, we suggest users pin down the extension icon on the toolbar. The icon color can tell users if the current tab is protected by Puffin Cloud Isolation or not. When users are on an isolated web page, the extension icon is colored, otherwise, it is grayed out.

Puffin Cloud Isolation extension can help users quickly switch a tab into web isolation or move it out. It can also help them start a new web isolation tab in one click. Click the extension icon to show the pop-up menu. Then clicking on the “Isolate current tab” button will make the current tab toggle between the isolated web page and the original web page instantly. Or users can click on the “New tab” button to create a new blank page in web isolation.

Puffin Cloud Isolation comes with another outstanding feature to protect users from web threats. It can automatically forward all non-protected URLs to web isolated URLs, so users will not miss the web isolation protection while surfing the Internet. To use this feature, go to the settings of Puffin Cloud Isolation and toggle the “Isolate new tabs” switch to the On position.

The Puffin Cloud Isolation extension is designed to support users’ daily use of Puffin Cloud Isolation. If users find a missing feature that they require for everyday usage, please let us know. We would love to make Puffin Cloud Isolation a better product. Safe surfing to you.

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