Puffin Browser is Faster than Other Browsers — Here’s Why

Lower-end smartphones using Puffin perform three times faster than other browsers running on flagship phones

Unlike many companies in the mobile browsing space, we are always willing to put our technology to the test — even further extending that invitation to users themselves.

In the spirit of research, we tested a budget Samsung smartphone using Puffin and compared it to flagship phones running a native browser, i.e., Chrome, Firefox or Opera. The results were astonishing — with the Puffin browsers on the budget phone far out-performing competitors on the flagship counterparts.

In the widely cited JetStream benchmark, the Puffin browser received a score of 210 using the $150 Samsung J3 smartphone. On the other hand, the native browser on the latest Samsung flagship phone, the $750 Galaxy S8, scored only a 63. As an additional comparison, the S8 scored a 63 using Chrome, and received even lower scores with Firefox and Opera.

This means that the budget Samsung J3 smartphone delivered performance three times faster than the S8 by simply relying on Puffin browsing. Of course, the S8 gets a performance boost by using Puffin as well, scoring a 216 on the JetStream test.

But what gives Puffin its wickedly fast browsing experience? The answer is cloud processing technology.

In fact, Puffin is the only server-side browser. CloudMosa’s proprietary architecture with its revolutionary JavaScript engine shifts the processing workload from the mobile device to cloud servers, resulting in the fastest browsing experience.

Traditional browsers, like those tested against Puffin, make multiple round-trip requests to render a web page. The latency on these round trips can create a network bottleneck — drastically slowing performance. By running on cloud servers with high-speed connections, Puffin can make these round-trip requests to the web server happen significantly faster.

So for those who are looking to save money in the long run, with Puffin, users of budget-priced smartphones won’t have to worry about a leaner web browsing experience. They’ll get faster web browsing speed through the Puffin Browser than they could on the latest super phone using a native browser.

You can download Puffin Browser on the App Store or on Google Play.

Shioupyn Shen
President & CEO



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