Introducing Puffin Browser Lite, CloudMosa’s Newest Browser

Many users were demanding an updated app for iOS devices, and the message was received loud and clear. Our CloudMosa team has been hard at work updating our pre-existing app, only to be met with refusal to authorize from Apple. We couldn’t abandon our trusted community, so we decided to launch a brand new app: Puffin Browser Lite.

Focused on an innovative user experience, Puffin Browser Lite is based on the iOS WebKit and is currently available via the App Store. Besides a swift, stylish and organized browsing experience, here’s exactly what you can expect when making the switch:

Workspaces — Break your browsing into sub-categories and themes with the brand-new workspace feature. Keep all your social in one space while saving all the recipes and ideas for your upcoming summer BBQ saved on another. An easy way to manage, organize and filter your thoughts.

Passcode Protection — Privacy and security are of paramount importance to the CloudMosa team, which is why passcode protecting browser history was a top priority for us in the new app. Securely lock-down private searches with a unique four digit passcode to avoid unwanted prying.

Wallpaper — From an aesthetic aspect, we’ve made browsing more visually appealing by enabling users to select their own wallpaper. These are unique to each workspace, so for the space where you let your child play online games or watch their favorite YouTube channel, the background could be Mickey Mouse for example, so they know exactly where to find their online content.

Full Screen, Simple User Interface — Browser headers and toolbars are bulky and distracting, especially on a handheld device. Puffin Browser Lite eliminates wasted space by taking the experience to the edge and making content as large as possible. A pop-up side menu allows for simple navigation through controls you actually want to see.

We invite you to try out the new Puffin Browser Lite on iOS, and experience the fast browsing experience of Puffin with a sleek new look and updated features.



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