How Puffin Secure Browser works

Puffin Secure Browser is available now on Windows and Mac.

How it works?

* Cloud Rendering Engine:
(1) All web browser sessions run on the cloud servers.
(2) All traffic between clients and servers are encrypted.
(3) Forged server certificates are detected and dropped.

Puffin Cloud Rendering
Puffin On-Premises Solution
Puffin Off-Premises Solution

What it can do?

* Most Secure Browser Ever:
(1) Prevent virus infection against stealing data on client devices.
(2) Protect WiFi access against hackers and rogue WiFi.
(3) Block carrier sniffing against main-in-the-middle attack.

Why it is better?

* Sandbox is not very effective. Whose fault in security breach — Flash or sandbox? In fact, all sandboxes are compromised in white-hat hacker competition.

* Virtual machine is very expensive. VMWare is expensive in client software and hardware. Citrix is expensive in server software and hardware.

* Cloud-Rendering is very cost-effective. No virus can infect client device through cloud-rendering. One server can host hundreds of web browser sessions.

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