CloudMosa is excited to announce the release of Puffin 365.

You asked, we listened. All the apps you love from Puffin, now as a package. One subscription will cover multiple devices and platforms; Puffin Secure Browser, Puffin Web Browser, Puffin Smart TV, and more. No more worrying about managing various subscriptions like in the past.

Choose between a monthly or annual plan to access anytime, anywhere. Whether for personal use, family, business, or enterprise, there is a plan for everyone.

Head over to to learn more.

Say you’re on social media and find a video you want to view on the big screen in your living room. With current TV apps, there isn’t a straightforward method to do so. Learn more about how you can easily send video links to Puffin TV to start watching!







以上種種問題,均可透過 Puffin 無痕瀏覽器可解決以,因為透過 Puffin 的加密,可確保完全匿名和終極安全性。沒有任何形式的跟踪,且沒有廣告,所有權限都被阻止等等。


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Over the course of history, people around the world have been subjected to restrictions, threats, persecution, and other violations of human rights by governments or extremist groups.

We at Puffin believe that every person should be granted the rights to not only internet access but full access to any websites as they please without limitations of any kind. People should not live in fear by constraints, attacks, or worse.

If they are under such conditions, they deserve to be able to have their voices heard. Their experiences should be made known. The actions of the oppressors to be brought to…

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An Underestimated Asset

Privacy has been an under-appreciated value for years. In the early days of social media, the goal was to connect with as many like-minded people as possible, with as much information about yourself as possible. In hindsight, most gave little thought to the potential trail of information they would be leaving on the web.

Digital Footprints and Connectivity

Now that the internet has been around for quite some time, two things stand out. First, users’ online actions are constantly being monitored, traced, and used for target marketing. Second, with all that has been happening in the world…

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Protects against website tracking.

Internet privacy is almost nonexistent now. Site visits are tracked for first to third-party cookies, social media platforms serve targeted ads. In some cases, GPS tracking and even voice recording unbeknownst to a device owner can all be used for delivering custom content to an individual. As a result, despite using a typical browser’s “private” mode, there may be unknown variables that can obtain your browsing history, and perhaps even personal information without logging into any accounts.

Protection against censorship.

We believe in an open web, one that does not unfairly restrict websites that otherwise should…

Apps of the Past

Traditional apps take up a lot of space, the majority of processing done locally, and for devices with entry to mid-tier performance, the user experience often leaves much to be desired.

The Cloud, Now Everywhere

As a result, in recent years, cloud apps have been becoming the norm for both the casual consumer and businesses alike. Companies are migrating to cloud computing for processing and storage, transforming their IT infrastructure. Entertainment such as Netflix utilizes AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft’s xCloud and Google’s Stadia being the key players to the advancement of the gaming industry. …

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We see the events that have and are still unfolding since early February. We know that the people of Myanmar have voted, collectively, for the right leader and governmental figures for hopes of a better future.

It is without a shadow of a doubt that these exercises of rights were taken away by the Tatmadaw on February 1st. State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi, ministers and other members related to the NLD were deposed and detained. The people of Myanmar have found numerous creative and non-violent ways to protest against such disdainful acts. …

2016年 8 月至今,Puffin TV 瀏覽器已達到近 300 萬下載數,儘管我們沒有進行特別行銷,Puffin TV 還能夠達到百萬下載數量,該產品究竟有什麼過人之處呢?

Puffin TV 的使用者體驗極好


因此在設計 Puffin TV瀏覽器時,我們特別設計了簡潔的 UI,例如,直接透過手機網頁或 Facebook 訊息,即可以將欲使用的網頁連結推送至 Puffin TV 瀏覽器,此解決了在瀏覽器上的輸入 URL 問題。另外,使用者也可將常用的連結,加入書籤,方便下次使用。


有些網頁的廣告設計的實在很惱人,且廣告的關閉按鈕在右上方,使用遙控器將滑鼠慢慢移至關閉按鈕的位置,相當令人苦惱。因此,在 Puffin TV 瀏覽器上,我們特別設置了阻擋廣告功能,

使用者僅需在 Puffin TV 首頁下滑至底,就可以看到此功能並開啟。


由於電視通常是放在客廳,但有些人不想讓家人或同住一個屋簷下的人看到自己的使用紀錄,因此,我們特別設計了密碼模式,使用者開啟此功能後,若打開智慧電視,開啟 Puffin TV 瀏覽器,則需要輸入設定的密碼才能觀看。


Puffin TV 瀏覽器下載連結:

For the last five years, Puffin TV Browser has been the browser of choice by over 2.7 million users. Although not pre-installed on Android TV or set-top boxes, how is it still the top pick for so many worldwide?

At Puffin, we wanted a browser that was intuitive, fast, and one that we would want to use ourselves. With this goal in mind, we set out to create the framework, functions, and setup sequence for Puffin TV Browser.

As billions of people around the world have smartphones they use on a daily basis and are familiar with, we decided to…

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